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Generate more valuable leads, starting today. The bestselling Linq Tag converts your business card into a digital lead generation tool that is always with you.

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What is a Linq Tag?

The top-rated Linq Tag replaces outdated paper business cards with built-in NFC technology that instantly shares and saves contact information, automates follow-ups, and analyzes your connections for sales potential. Make an unforgettable impression.

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Why do I need a Linq Tag?

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Go Anywhere Gear

For your keys, backpack, or even your dog, each Tag is NFC-embedded and QR-enabled, enabling quick, one-tap connections.

Linq Tag Keychain
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Lead Capture

Generate up to 3x more leads with customizable lead capture forms and automated follow-up.

Lead capture with Linq Cards
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Minimize waste with reusable cards and easy-to-update Linq pages. Made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials

Minimize waste with Linq Cards
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Real-Time Analytics

Track your outreach, meetings scheduled, and contacts saved to measure progress towards your goals.

Real-time analytics with Linq Cards

How does the Linq Tag work?

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The Linq Tag shares your branded Linq Page, along with contact information, and saves contacts for easy follow-up.

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